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Biology Form 2 Coursework Digital e-Content

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Content Covered

Transport in Plants
Root Structure
Root Hairs
Stem Tissues
Xylem Tissue
Functions of Stems
Absorption of Water
Forces of Transpiration
Significance of Transpiration
Factors Affecting Transpiration
Environmental Factors V
Transport in Animals
Circulatory Systems
Open Circulation in a Cockroach
Closed Circulatory System
Comparison Between Closed and Open Circulatory Systems
Blood Vessels
Types and Structure
Major Blood Vessels
The Heart
Function of Mammalian Heart
Structure of Heart
Circulation in the Heart
Pumping Mechanism of Heart
Heart Beat
Composition of Blood
Blood Plasma
Red Blood Cells Structure
White Blood Cells
Transport of Respiratory Gases
Exchange of Materials in animals Between the Blood and Body Tissues
Blood Clotting
Blood Groups
Blood Transfusion
Rhesus Factor
Immune Responses
Diseases and Defects
Gaseous Exchange
Definition and Importance
Guard Cells and Stomata
Opening and Closing of Stomata
Terrestrial Plants
Aquatic Plants
Mechanism of Breathing
Exchange in the Alveolus
Importance of Respiration
Types of Respiration
The Mitochondrion
Anaerobic Respiration
Anaerobic Respiration in Plants
Heat Production During Respiration
Aero and Anaerobic Respiration Compared
Application of Anaerobic Respiration
Excretion and homoeostasis
Excretion in Plants
Unicellular Organisms
Excretion in Mammalians
Skin Structure
The kidney
The Nephron
Selective Reabsorption
The Liver: Functions
The Hypothalamus
Behavioral Mechanisms
The kidney in homeostasis
Blood Sugar Regulation

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