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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
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Demand and Supply
Meaning of Demand
Factors Influencing Demand
Level of Consumers Income
Seasonal Changes
Government Policy
Prices of Other Goods
Derived and Joint Demand
Joint Demand
Demand Schedule
DerivingaDemand Curve
Ement Along Demand Curve
A Shift in Demand Curve
Meaning of Supply
Factors Which Influence
State of Technology
Natural Factors
Prices of Other Related Products
Supply Schedule
A Supply Curve
Ement AlongaSupply Curve
A Shift in Supply
An Increase in Supply
A Decrease in Supply
Determination of Price and Quantity
Effects of Excess Demand
Effects of Excess Supply
A Shift in Demand To Right
A Shift in Demand To Left
A Shift in Supply To Right
A Shift in Supply To Left
Other Methods
Size and Location ofaBusiness
A Firm
An Industry
Factors Influencing
Determining the Size
Factors That Influence
Access To Power
Access To Water
Government Policies
Access To Social Facilities
Access To Markets
Advantages of Localization
Attraction of Subsidiary
Development of Social
Establishment of Better
Enjoys Economies
Disadvantages of Localization
Rural urban Migration
High Rate of Unemployment
Social Problems
Environmental Pollution
Delocaliation of Firms
Advantages of Delocalization
Disadvantages of Delocalization
Economies of Scale
Internal Economie
Production Economies
Management Economies
Financial Economies
Labour Economies
External Economies of Scale
Internal Diseconomies
External Diseconomies
Existence of Small Firms
Acid Rain
Depletion of Ozone Layer
Global Warming
Water Pollution
Noise Pollution
Solid Waste Pollution
Measures To Maintain
Product Markets
Meaning ofaMarket
Product Market
Types of Product Markets
Monopolistic Competition
Summary of Product Markets
Ain of Distribution
Various Channels of Distribution
Distribution of Locally Produced Goods
Distribution of Local Agricultural Goods
Distribution of Imported Goods
Distribution of Imported Agricultural Goods
Distribution of Imported Manufactured Product
The Role of Intermediaries
Breang Bulk
Provision of Distribution
Marketing and Sales
Sharing Production Risks
Preparing Goods For Sale
National Income
Meaning of National Income
The Circular Flow
Four Sector Economy
Measuring National Income
Income Approach
Output Approach
Expenditure Approach
Problems in Measuring
Uses of National Income
Population and Employment
Basic Concepts in Population
Population Growth Rate
Under Population
Over Population
Optimum Population
Ageing Population
Declining Population
Implications of Population Size
The Negative Implications
Employment and Unemployment
Types of Unemployment
Causes of Unemployment
Measures To Curb Unemployment
Education Reform
Rural Development
Land Reform
Affirmative Action
Government Initiated Programme
Provision of Loan
Net Worth ofaBusiness
Fixed Assets
Current Assets
Long Term Liabilities
Srerm Liabilities
Book Kping Equation
Balance Sheet Equation
Illustration On Book Kping Equation
A Simple Balance Sheet
At of Balance Sheet
Illustration of Balance Sheet
Explanation of Balance Sheet
Relationship Betwn
Business Transactions
Meaning ofaBusiness Transaction
Types of Business Transactions
Effects of Business Transactions
Balance Sheet Before Transaction
Business Transaction
Summarized Effect
A New Balance Sheet
Causes of Changes in Capital
Additional Investment
Initial and Final Capital
Determining Initial Capital
Determining Final Capital
Meaning and Purpose ofaLedger
Meaning and Format of Ledger Account
The Concept of Doublntry
Rules of Recording
Recording Business Transactions
Records of Various Transactions
Balancing off Ledger Accounts
The Trial Balance
Purpose of Trial Balance
Limitations Affecting Trial Balance
Classification of Accounts
Cash Book
Meaning ofaCash Book
Purpose ofaCash Book
Types of Cash Book
The Two Column Cash Book
The Thrcolumn Cashbook
Contra Entry
Preparation of Single Column Cashbook
Preparation of Two Column Cashbook
Preparation of Thr Column Cashbook

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