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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
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Introduction To Chemistry
Volume of a Solid
Volume of Air
Volume of a liquid
Conductors and Nonconductors
Chemistry and Society
Definition of Chemistry
Processes in Chemistry
Professions in Chemistry
Laboratory Apparatus
Chemistry Laboratory
Apparatus in the Laboratory
Uses of Apparatus
Bunsen Burner
Laboratory Rules
Classification of Substances
Separating Sand and Water
Fractional Distillation
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil
Fractional Distillation of Liquid Air
Immiscible Liquids Sublimation
Immiscible Liquids
Separation of Common Salt and Iodine
Solvent Extraction Chromatography
Solvent Extraction
Separation of Dyes
Crystallization Effects of Impurities
Application of Crystallization
Effect of Heat On Impurities
Melting Point of Pure and Impure Naphthalene
Boiling Point of Pure and Impure Water
States of Matter
Effect of Heat On Ice
Particles in the Solid liquid gas State
Heating Curve
Temporary and Permanent Changes
Temporary Changes
Heating of Zinc
Heating of CaNeedle Wax
Heating of Iodine
Characteristics of Temporary Changes
Permanent Changes
Heating Copper (II) Nitrate
Heating Potassium Mangnate (vii)
Characteristics of Permanent Changes
Constituents of Matter
Elements Derived From English Name
Elements Derived From Latin
Atoms molecules and Compounds
Acids Bases and Indicators
Flower Extracts
Preparation of Indicator From Flower Extract
Flower Extract As an Acid Base Indicator
Acidic neutral and Basic Solutions
Commercial Indicators
Commercial Indicators As Acid Base Indicator
Universal Indicator and Scale
Colours in the Scale
Strength of Different Solutions
Increasing Alkalinity and Acidity
Properties of Acids and Bases
Reaction of Metals  With Acids
Carbonates hydrogen Carbonates
Metal Oxide and hydroxides
Uses of Acids and Bases
Air and Combustion
Percentage of Oxygen in Air
Percentage Composition of Oxygen
Percentage of Air Used in Heating Copper Turnings
Burning Candle In a Fixed Amount of Air
Conditions Necessary For Rusting
Methods Used To Prevent Rusting
Oxygen Gas
Preparation of Oxygen Gas
Drying of Oxygen Gas Using Sulphuric Acid
Drying of Oxygen Gas Using Calcium (II) Chloride
Properties of Oxygen Gas
Reaction of Oxygen With Non Metals
Reaction of Oxygen With Metals
Burning of Metals in Oxygen
Reaction of Magnesium Powered and Carbon (iv) Oxide
Reaction of Magnesium Powered and Lead (II) Oxide
Reaction of Magnesium Powered and Copper (II) Oxide
Reactivity Series
Arranging Elements
Pollution Effects
Uses of Oxygen Gas
Water and Hydrogen
Sources of Water
Products ofaBurning CaNeedle
Test of Colourless Liquid
Reaction of Metanimals With Water Sodium
Reaction of Calcium With Water
Reaction of Magnesium With Water
Reaction of Metanimals With Steam
Reaction of Zinc With Steam
Reaction of Iron With Steam
Reactivity Series of Metal With Water and Steam
Hydrogen Gas
Preparation of Hydrogen Gas
Properties of Hydrogen Gas
Effect of Blue and Red Litmus Paper
Test For Hydrogen Gas
Burning of Hydrogen in Air
Reactions of Hydrogen
Reaction With Lead (II) Oxide
Reaction With Iron (II) Oxide
Uses of Hydrogen Gas

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