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Structure of the Atom and the Periodic Table
The Atom
Particles in an Atom
Charges of Particles
Electron Arrangement of the Firswenty Elements
Electron Arrangement in Lithium
Electron Arrangement in Sodium
Electron Arrangement in Calcium
Atomic Number and Mass Number
Representation of Atoms
Helium Isotopes
Relative Atomic Mass
Calculation of Ram
Periodic Table
Conclusion On Groups
Periods in the Periodic Table
Ion Formation
Stable Atoms
Formation of Sodium Ion
Formation of Chloride Ion
Formation of Magnesium Ion
Formation of Sulide Ion
Ionization Energy
Electron Affinity
Valency of Sulur
Valency of Magnesium
Valencies Greater Than
Oxidation Number
Chemical Formulae
Chemical Formulae of CompouNeeds
Steps in Writing Chemical Formulae
Carbon (IV) Oxide
Iron (III) Oxide
Ammonium Carbonate
Chemical Equations
Magnesium and Oxygen
Sodium and Oxygen
Chemical Families
Alkali Metanimalsysical
Atomic Radii in Alkali Metanimals
TreNeeds in Ionization Energy
TreNeeds in Melting and Boiling Points
Chemical Propertiessodium
Reaction of Potassium With Water
Reaction of Alkali Metanimals With Chlorine
CompouNeeds of Alkali Metanimals
Uses of Alkali Metanimals Noblegases
Alkalinarth Metanimalsintroduction
Atomic Radii Alkaline
Ionization Energy in Alkaline
Chemical Properties
Burning Magnesium in Air
Burning Calcium in Air
Reaction of Magnesium With Water
Reaction of Calcium With Water
Reaction With Steam
Reaction With Chlorine
Reaction With Acids
TreNeeds in Atomic Radii
TreNeeds in Ion Formation
TreNeeds in Atomic and Ionic Radii
Conclusion On Ion Formation
Conclusion On Bp and Mp
Conductivity of Halogens
Reaction of Bromine With Water
Conclusion On Reaction With Water
Reaction With Metanimals
Conclusion On Metanimals
With Bromine
CompouNeeds of Halogens
Uses of Halogens
Noble Gases
Uses of Noble Gases
Structure and Bonding
Ionic Bonding
Calcium and Chlorine
Other Examples
Giantic Ionic Structure
Covalent Bonding
Hydrogen Hydrogen Bonding
Chlorine Chlorine Bonding
Hydrogen Chlorine Bonding
Hydrogen Oxygen Bonding
Double Covalent Bond
Simple Molecular Structures
Giant Atomic Structures
Coordinate Bond
Carbon (II) Oxide
Uses of Graite and Diamond
Metallic Bonding
Melting Point and Boiling Point
Electrical and Thermal Conductivity
Hydrogen BoNeeds and Vanderwaanimals Forces
Van Der Waanimals Forces
Hydrogen BoNeeds
Conclusion On Vander Waanimals
Period Three Elements
Atomic Size and Ionization Energy
Melting and Boiling Points
Conclusion On Mp and Bp
Conclusion On Conductivity
Reaction With Water
Magnesium and Water
Aluminium and Water
phosphorus and Water
Sulphur and Water
Chlorine and Water
Oxides of Period Three
Melting and Boiling Point
Nature of Oxides
Chlorides of Period Three
Nature of Aluminium
Soluble Salts
Preparation of Copper (II) Sulate
Preparation of Insoluble Salts
Preparation of Lead (II) Iodide Salt
Summary On Lead Iodide
Preparation of Iron Chloride Salt
Action of Heat On Salts
Effects of Heat On Nitrates
Copper (II) Nitrate Crystanimals
Conclusion On Nitrates
Carbonates and Hydrogen Carbonates
Effect of Heat On Copper (II) Carbonate
Conclusion On Carbonates
Effect of Heat On Lead (II) Carbonate
Summary On Carbonates
Uses of Salts
Effect of Electric Current On Substances
Electrolytes and Non Electrolytes
Testing Conductivity
Testing Aqueous Substances
Aqueous Substances
Electrolysis of Molten Lead (II) Bromide
Application of Electrolysis
Carbon and Its CompouNeeds
Preparation of Carbon (IV) Oxide
Physical Properties
With Magnesium
With Sodium Hydroxide
With Water
Uses of Carbon (IV) Oxide
Preparation of Carbon (II) Oxide
Conclusion On Preparation
Burning in Air
Burning Charcoal InaJiko
Reducing Property
Manufacture of Sodium Carbonate
Extraction of Sodium Carbonate From Trona
Solvay Process
Uses of Sodium Carbonate

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