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Virtual Class is an interactive e-content ( multimedia - text, sound, graphics and animations) for a particular class per subject covering a whole year's work as per the Syllabus. Subscribe to platinum membership to get 4 CDs of your choice and a free Educational resources listed below:

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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
* 2000 to 2013 KNEC KCPE Past Papers with Marking Schemes
* 1995 to 2013 KNEC KCSE Past Papers with Marking Schemes
* 2010 to 2014 MID-TERM & END TERM Papers for FORMS 1 - 4
* IGCSE Past Papers
* College & University Term Papers and Proposals
* College & University Revision Notes
* CPA Comprehensive Notes and Tests
* Primary & Secondary Class Notes ( 8-4-4 Syllabus)
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* Schemes of Work - Primary & Secondary for 8-4-4
* KCPE & KCSE Online Registration Manuals
* Self Improvement - Inspirational E-books
* KCSE Examiners Speak on Quality Grades
* Candidate Performance Report for 2011
* Resources Recommended for KCPE and KCSE Revision
* 2014 Topical Revision Questions Form 1 - Form 4
* 2015 Forn 4 Entry Exams
* 2015 Kabarak, Sacho, Sunshine / Nakuru Mocks  with Marking Schemes
* 1 Hour Power Packed CD Talk by KCSE Examiners

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Listening and Speang Principal Addressing Girls
Stress and Intonation
Boyd Dreams Videoen
Types of Stress
Syllable Stress
Additional Information On Syllable Stress
Ematic Stress
Further Practice
Rising Intonation En
Falling Intonation En
Sound Patterns of Language
The Language of Poetry
Rhythm in Poetry
Analysis of Sound Features
Oral Narratives
Aetiological and Dilemma Narratives
Dilemma Narratives
Features of Dilemma Narratives
Aetiological Narratives
Why Chameleon Changes Colour
Giving Instructions
Second Video En
Guidelines For Giving Instructions
Receiving Instructions
Directions Directions
Giving Directions Ens Ennnn
A Video Clip On Direction En
Second Video Clip On Direction En
Introduction To Register
Additional Information On Register Nancyandthebook Tripmoney Video Ennnnnnnnn
Derivation of Nouns
Addition of Suffixes to Nouns
Ways of Deriving Nouns
Nouns Derived From Other Nouns
Nouns Derived From Verbs
Nouns Derived From Adjectives
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Ennnnn
Transitive and Intransitive Verb Usagn Ennnn
Transitive Verbs
Intransitive Verbs
Verbs Used Both Transitively and Intransitively
Phrasal Verbs
Characteristics ofrasal Verbs
Verb and an Adverb
Verb andaPreposition
Verb, Adverb and a Preposition
Prepositional Phrases
Prepositional Phrases Used As Adjectives and Adverbs
Prepositional Phrases Used As Adverbs
Additional Information On Prepositional Rases Used As Adverbs
Examples of Prepositional phrases
Problematic Prepositions
Usage of Prepositional phrase
The Noun Clausn Ennn
Categories of Clause
Types of Dependent Clauses
Functions of the Noun Clause
The Noun Clause
Functions of the Noun Clausn
Task On Functions of the Noun Clausn
Compound Complex Sentences
Additional Information On Sentences
Classifying by Purpose
Major and Minor Sentences
Compound Complex Sentence
Simple Sentences
Compound Sentences
Complex Sentences
Compound complex Sentences
To Study Literaly Work
Categories of Writers
Various Literary Works
Effective Study of Works of Art
Studying the Novel Ting
Character and Characterization En
Style (stylistic Features) En
Attitude Tone and Mood Ennnnn
Recognising Attitude and Tonn En
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Comprehension Skills
Reading Passage
Note Mang
Reading a Poem
Importance of Punctuation
Commonly Used Punctuation Marks
Four Punctuation Marks
The Colon
Semi Colon
Parts ofaFormal Letter
Letters of Application
Layout ofaLetter of Application
Body of an Application Letter
Notifications of Mtings and Memos
Notification of Mtings Ennnn Ens
A Sample Notification ofaMting
A Sample Memorandum

As a supplementary to coursework content our e-library for digitized multimedia CDs while enhance and ensure that you never missed that important concept during the normal class lessons. It is a Do it Yourself Project

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This e-Content Digital CD covers all the topics for a particular class per year. One CDs costs 1500/- ( Per Subject per Class ).

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