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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
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European Invasion of Africa
Scramble and Partition For Africa
Methods Used By European To Acquire Colonies in Africa
Process of Partition
Terms of the Berlin Conference
Impact of Partition
African Reaction To European Colonization (resistance)
Why the Mandinka Resisited French Invasion of Their Territory
Reasons For Samouri Toure's Defeat
Results of Samouri Toure's Resistance
African Reaction To European Colonization (collaboration)
Reasons For Lewanika's Collaboration
Course of Lewanika's Collaboration
Results of Lozi Collaboration
To the Scramble and Partition of East Africa
Causes For the Scramble of East Africa
The Process of British Occupation in Kenya
Establishment of Colonial Rule in Kenya
The Response of the Nandi To British Invasion and Occupation
Causes of the Nandi Resistance
Why the Nandi Resisted the British For So Long
Results of the Nandi Resistance
The Masaai Response To British Invasion and Occupation
Causes of Maasai Collaboration
Course of Collaboration
Effects of Maasai Collaboration
The Akamba Response British Invasion and Occupation
Course of the Akamba Resistance
Collaboration of the Akamba
Ways in Which the Akamba Collaborated With the British
Colonial Administration
British Indirect Rule in Kenya
Cental Administration
Why the British Used Indirect Rule in Kenya
Effects of Indirect Rule in Kenya
British Indirect Rule in Nigeria
Reasons For Indirect Rule
W Indirect Rule Was Applied
Challenges in Administration of Indirect Rule
Effects of Indirect Rule
British Direct Rule in Zimbabwe
Reasons Direct Rule in Zimbabwe
Processes For Direct Rule in Zimbabwe
Effects of Direct Rule in Zimbabwe
Assimilation: French Rule in Senegal
Characteristics of Assimilition Policy
Factors For the Failure of Assimilition Policy French
Effects of Assimilation Policy
Social and Economic Development During the Colonial Period in Kenya
Uganda Railway
Reasons For Building of the Uganda Railway
Problems Encountered in the Construction of the Railway
Effects of the Construction of the Railway
Settler Farming in Kenya
Reasons For the Government Encouraging Settler Farming
Methods Used To Promote Settler Farming
Problems Faced By the White Settlers
Cash Crops Grown
Colonial Land Policies
Effects of Land Policies
Education and Health
Aims of Missionary Education
Development of Education
University Education
Political Developments and Struggle For Independence in Kenya
Early Political Organisations in Kenya Upto
Political Organisations
Characteristics of Early Political Associations
Grivances of Early Political Organisations
Challenges Faced By Tharly Political Organisations
Achievements of Early Political Parties
Emergence of Independent Churches and Scls
Reasons For Emergence of Independent Churches and Scls
Characteristics of Independent Churches and Scls African_dancers
Problems Facing Independent Churches and Scls
Political Organisations and Ements After
Kenyfrican Union (kau)
Development of Kau Kauuuuuu
Trade Union Ement in the Struggle For Independence
Reasons For the Formation of Trade Unions
Contributions of the Trade Union Ements
Role of Women in the Struggle For Independence Role_of_women
Rise of African Nationalism
Factors Favouring Development of African Nationalism
Growth of Ghanaian Nationalism
Methods Used By Ghanaians in the Struggle For Independence
African Nationalism in Mozambique
Course of Nationalism in Mozambique
Grievances of the Mozambiquans
The War of Liberation
Problems Faced By Frelimo in the Struggle For Independence
African Nationalism in South Africa
African Nationalist Sarafina
Nationalists in the Liberation
Methods Used By Africans in the Liberation
Lives and Contributions of Kenyan Leader
Jomo Kenyatta
His Political Career
His Contribution To the Struggle For Independence
Kapenguria Six
Road To Independence
Wangari Maathai
Her Early Life
Her Contribution To the Country
The Formation Structure and Functions of the Government of Kenya
The Legislature
Composition of the National Assembly
Composition of Senate
Formation of National Assembly and Senate
Disqualification ofaMember of Parliament
Process of Election
Functions of Parliament
Parliamentary Supremacy
The executive
Powers and Functions of the President
Functions of Deputy President
Composition and Functions of the Cabinet
Functions of the Attorney General
Functions of the Director of Public Procecution
Composition and Functions of Public Service
National Security Organs
The Kenya Defence Force
National Intelligence Services
The National Police Service
Correctional Service
The Judiciary
Structure of the Court Systems in Kenya
Functions of the Judiciary
Concept of the Rule of Law
Concept of Natural Justice

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