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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
* 2000 to 2013 KNEC KCPE Past Papers with Marking Schemes
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Linear Motion
Definition of Terms
Determination of Velocity
Due To Gravity
Using Ticker Tape Timer
Motiontime Gras
Displacement time
Constant Velocity
A Stationary Body
Increasing Velocity (accelerating)
Gradient ofaGra
Decreasing Velocity (decelerating)
Velocitytime Gras
Increasing Acceleration
Decreasing Acceleration
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's First Law of Motion
Newton�s Second Law of Motion
Newton�s Third Law of Motion
Recoil Velocity
Elastic Collisionsb
Inelastic Collisions A
Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum
Friction in Solidsh Friction Otob Matchstickc
Fluid Friction Or Viscosity A
Refraction of Light
Critical Angle
Total Internal Reflection
Application of Total Internal Reflection
Prism Periscope
Optical Fibre
Dispersion of Light
Waves Ii
Wave Properties
Page Plane Waves Hitting a Straight Reflector At
Page Plane Waves Hitting a Reflector At an Angle
Page Plane Water Waves Hitting a Concave Reflector
Page Plane Water Waves Hitting a Convex Reflector
Page Circular Water Waves Hitting a Concave Reflector
Refraction of Waves
Diffraction Diffraction small
Page Constructive and Destructive Interference
Stationary Wavesh Tandingwavessmallxb
Current Electricity
Ohm's Law
Arrangement of Resistors
Resistors in Series
Resistors in Parallel
Derivation of Formulae For Effective Resistance Ac
Application of Resistors and Resistance
Arrangement of Bulbs and Fluorescenubes
Heating Effect of an Electric Current
Demonstration On Heating Effect
Observation and Conclusion
Factors Affecting the Heat Produced
Amount of Current
Time Taken
Equations For Electrical Energy and Power
Applications of Heating Effect
Electric Kettles
Electric Iron
Electrostatics II
Definition ofaCapacitora
Capacitors in Circuit Diagrams
Arrangement of Capacitors
Capacitors in Series
Capacitors in Parallel
Charging and Discharging of Capacitors
Rgy Stored InaCapacitor
Factors Affecting Capacitance
Distance Betwn Plates
Area of Overlap
Dielectric Material
Quantity of Heat
Introduction A
Heat Capacity and Shc
Latent Heat of Fusion
Demonstrating Latent Heat of Fusion
Demonstrating Latent Heat of Vaporization
Cooling Curve of Naphthalene
Working of a Refrigerator
Worked Example
Gas Laws
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Boyle�s Law
Charles� Law
Pressure Law

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