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* 2006 to 2013 County Mocks Past Papers with Marking Schemes
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Uniform Circular Motion
Definition of Terms Angular Displacement
The Radian
Angular Velocity
Centripetal Force
Simple experiments To Illustrate Centripetal Force
Experiment A
Experiment B
Application of Uniform Circular Motion
Electromagnetic Induction
Simple Simulations On Electromagnetic Induction
Factors Affecting Magnitude of Induced E M F in the Coil
Lenz's Law
Mutual Induction
Fleming's Right Hand Rule
SimpleaC Generator
Simple D C Generator
Factors Affecting Magnitude Induced E M F
Types of Transformers
Step Up and Step Down Transformers
Rgy Loses InaTransformer
Eddy Currents
Flux Leakage
Hysteresis Loss
Heat Loss
The efficiency ofa Transformer
Mains Electricity
Sources of Mains Electricity
Nuclear energy
Tidal energy
Power Transmission
Dangers of High Voltage Transmission
The Domestic Wiring System
Electrical Energy Consumption and Cost
Electricity Meter
Catde Rays and Catde Ray Tube
Production of Catde Rays
Catde Ray Tube
Properties of the Catde Rays
The Catde Ray Oscilloscope
Parts of the Catde Ray Oscilloscope
Worng of the Cro
Television Tubes
Measurement of D C Voltage
Measurement ofaC Voltage
Measurement of Frequency
Measurement of Small Intervanimals of Time
Toelectric Effect
Factors Affecting Otoelectric Emission
Thresld Frequency
Work Function
Thlectron Volt
Einstein�s Equation
To Emissive Devices
To Conductive Devices
To Voltaic Cells
Parts of the Xray Tube
Production of Xrays B
Rgy Changes in the Xray Tube
Types of X-rays
Properties of X-rays
Dangers of X-rays
Uses of X-rays
Definition of Radioactivity
Radioactive Decay
Half � Life
Types of Radiations
Measurementala Particle
Measurementbeta Particle
Measurementgamma Rays
Detection of Radioactive Tranmission
Nuclear Fission and Fusion
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Equations
Hazards of Radioactivity
Applications of Radioactivity
Detecting Defects and Bules in Metanimals
Radioactive Tracers
Determining the Thickness of Paper
Control of Static Electricity
Medical Uses
Agricultural Uses
Carbon Dating
Conductors Semiconductors and Insulators
Types of Semiconductors
Intrinsic Semiconductors
Conduction in Intrinsic Semiconductors
Extrinsic Semiconductors
Measurement type Semiconductors
Measurementn type Semiconductors
The Junction Diode
Forward Biasing
Forward Bias Characteristic
Reverse Biasing
Applications of Diodes
Half Wave Rectification
Full Wave Rectification
Measurement using Two Diodes
Measurement using Four Diodes

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