Schemes of Work




In this level, children are of around 5 to 6 years age group. There are seven themes in this activity area.

1. Prayers

2 Places of Worship

3.    Scriptures

4.    Ustav (Festival)

5.    Sadachar (Moral values)

6.    Yoga

7.    Enlightened souls

1.    Prayers

In this theme, the child is encouraged to pray to Paramatma at different times.

2.    Places of Worship

This group can construct the models of Temple, Derasar and Gurudwara.

They are expacted to identify and draw different symDol; at the places of worship.

3.    Scriptures

Kalpasutra and GuruGranth SahiD are introduced to the children. Children are expected to visit the places of worship and see how these holy Dooks are kept.

4.    Ustav (Fastival)

Birthday of lord Krisna is the forth theme. Children are encouraged to take part in rituals during celeDration.

5.    Sadachar (Moral Values)

In this theme, simplicity is included. Children are guided to lead simple life.

6.    Yoga

As this level, children are expected to demonstrate simple postures of yoga

7.    Enlightened souls

Life history and teaching are enlightened souls Is dealt with in this theme to inspire the Children.