Schemes of Work


ExperimenGnudw itlh ildaensin the setting of

simple experiments involving plants for example planting seeds.

Seeds can be placed in different substances (i,e water, soil) while others are placed in empty containers to see which ones will germinate

Probe children to state why some seeds germinated while others did not.

Cover seedlings and leave others uncovered for a few days and let children observe the seedlings later and give their own explanations for the changes they notice Let the children place some sides in carton boxes with an opening on one side, other plants in a box open on the top and observe both sets Let them observe leaves, flowers and pods and make recording, then count them

Let them plant too many seeds in one container and a few in another then compare

Let them plant some plants outside and others indoors then observe both sets

Let children colour pictures using flowers and leaves then identify each Let them squeeze flowers and leaves to make paint Let them mix the various paints and observe colours formed