Schemes of Work


■ The BiDle Songs aDout the BiDle

• Stories from the BiDle

Role play BiDle stories

Coloring BiDle story pictures

Read BiDle verses and stories of God talking to people {like Adam, Ahhai, Noah)

Introduce the BiDle to children as the written word of God Teach songs aDout the BiDle

(to example "read your He,

H eve(| day, teacher to use any other relevant Read children BiDle stories (pertaining to topict/themes taught) and let them recite or answer questions after the story)

Guide children to role play BiDle stories pertaining to children (for example Matt 19: 13-15 and John 6:1-6)

Guide children to trace and colour BiDle story pictures



Hand puppets Flannel graph

Materials for role play

Drawing/painting and colouring materials