Schemes of Work






4.0 MAKING RHYTHMS Making rhythms with body parts

Making rhythms with objects

5.0 PLAYING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Singing with an accompaniment

Chanting and playing musical instruments

•    Demonstrate rhythm to the children

•    Clap to rhythm for the children to dance

•    Encourage children to dance according to rhythm of different body parts like the stamping of feet,

clapping of hands, whistling

and thumb snipping

•    Teacher to make rhythms using simpleobjects as children listen

•    Let children make simple rhythms with objects

•    Encourage children to make movements according to the rhythm the are making like ta-ta-ta-ta-thus sound and movement

Provide different materials which can be used by the children as percussions to create rhythms Guide the children to chant in rhythm

Allow children to create their rhythm using different shakers, percussion and other materials Guide children to combine a particular rhythm and musical instrument Demonstrate to the children how to tap, shake objects to make rhythm Let children participate in tapping, shaking different rhythms

Body Parts, hands, head, feet, mouth, fingers, tongue

Drums, shakers, sticks, blocks, tables,chairs desks, shoes jingles