Schemes of Work


Celebrating of Diwali

4.0 SADACHAR{LOVE) Expression of love

» Encourage the children to observe celebration of Diwali

•    Tell the children how to celebrate Diwali

•    Arrange the celelbration of Diwali in ECD centre

•    Ecnourage children to exchange the sweets-share the sweets with the others

•    Display of fireworks

•    Lead the children to sing songs related to Diwali day

•    Prepare special decoration on diwali day

•    Collect the Diwali cards and show them to children

Tell the children the importance of love in life Discuss love by the parents, brothers, sisters and paramatma

Tell the children short stories related to parents’ and Paramatma’s love and care for all

Bring in notice that parents and people around them love the children

Help them to appreciate that they are loved, understood, respected, valued and safe Encourage the children to extend their love to people around them and pet animals Lead them in prayers to thank

Paramatma for showing love to all

Diwali cards



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