Schemes of Work

Assessment establishes the child’s level of attainment in a learning experience Dy checking if learning oDjectives have Deen achieved and whether progress is Deing made.

Purposes of Assessment

It enaDles a teacher to:-

Monitorand promote each child’s holistic development plan adequately and understand the learner’s aDilities

evaluate the teaching methods and JeAning ressources in order to adopt relevant* teaching strategies for particular skills.

identify children who need remedial assisstance to care for individual differences

appraise Dehaviour, knowledge, skills, attitudes and achievement of learners

classify learners for further development of skills

motivate Doth himself/herself and learner towards improvement

oDtaining a Dasis for correction of weakness and inadequacies in activities and


contnDute towards research

refer a child for appropriate placement

Methods of Assessment

ODservation Oral interviews Writing tasks

Growth Monitoring and promotion (GMP)

Making use of Educational Assessment Resource Centres (EARC)

Assessment Tools

Ihese are tools that have Deen developed Dy KIEto assess children in various developmental and activity areas. It is important that the ECD teacher monitor holistic development of children under their care. Ihe assessment tools developed cover the fiollowing developmental and activity areas:-

a) Language activities (Oral, reading readiness, wrting readiness)

D: Mathematics