Schemes of Work


This handbook is meant to enable pre-school teachers to interpret and utilize the ECDE syllabus more effectively when delivering ECDE curriculum. The handbook has been designed in a simple way to build capacity in per-school teachers on how to organize activities in various activity areas in a more integrated manner. It should be understood that all the activites organized should be theme based on that one theme should cut across several activity areas.

This handbook has two major sections, the methodology and the activity areas: Methodology Section

Under this section, various records to be kept and maintained by the pre school teachers are discussed. These includes the teacher’s administrative and professional records.

Activity Areas Section

Under this section, content areas for all the nine activity areas are outlined. It should be understood that the activity area section has been developed in three levels depending on the age bracket of the children. These are; Day care (Level 1); for children aged 3 years and below. Pre-primary 1 (Level 2); for children aged 4 years and Pre-primary 2 (Level 3), for children aged 5 years.

This section contains suggested hints for the teacher in relation to the activities children should perform when covering content in a particular theme. The section also contains suggested teaching and learning materials that should be used during various activities. However, it should be noted that the lists of suggested activities and materials are not exhaustive. The teacher is expected to be more creative and come up with more activities and materials which can make learning more interesting and enjoyable for children.