Schemes of Work


Order for the pre-school teacher to be more effective in the interpretation and utilization of the ECD syllabus, it is imperative for him or her make good use of the Teachers Handbook.

This document is meant to assist the teacher to facilitate teahing and learning more effectively.

It should be clearly understood that this handbook is only meant to orient the teacher on how to interpret the ECD syllabus. It should therefore be used as a reference and not as a teaching document.

The sample scheme of work, lesson plans, progress and individualized education programme records are only meant to guide the teacher in preparing and planning for teaching. However, the teacher is expected to realize that learning activities for pre-school children can be made flexible enough to suit the prevailing environmental circumstances.

The teacher is expected to prepare thoroughly for the activities well in advance according to the selected theme. Sustainability of curiosity and interest in children can be enhanced through exposure of children to manipulative materials and a variety of activities.

Pre-school teachers and caregivers should therefore use this handbook to get guidance on how to identify activities and materials that are appropriate for specific activity areas for a specific age group of children.

The handbook also shows how activities 'C'A various content are developed from simple to complex as we move from level 1 to level 3. The teacher is expected to take note of this aspect, which caters for the developmental abilities, and capabilities of young children.

It is important for teachers to note that what is contained in this handbook is not exhaustive.