Schemes of Work

Buildings in our neighbourhood

Observe various activities carried out In the neighbourhood

institutions in our neighbourhood

Class them in their home Asl< children to name their neighbours in class, school and their home Guide children to draw/model their neighbours

•Guide children to observe buildings in

the neighbourhood

•Children to talk about the buildings

they have observed

•Ch ildren to draw pictures of the


♦Gu ide children to name activities dravVn on the chart.

•Le ad children to talk about the activities going on in the neighbourhood.

•Ch ildren to sing songs about activities going on in the neighbourhood.

•As sist children to colour pictures of people carrying out activities •As sist children to talk about institutions in the neighbourhood using flash cards.

•En courage the children to talk about the activities/work done in institutions in the neighbourhood.

•Gu ide children to draw/model/ the institutions in the neighbourhood Organize visits to a few institutions with children.

•As sist children to talk about the institutions visited.

•Gu ide children to identify similar institutions on a wall chart / newspapers cuttings.

•Gu ide children to draw pictures or model their favorite institutions.

Assists children to display their work





Picture of buildings

Wall chart Drawing books Crayons / pencils Sketches


Wall chart crayons Pencils

Drawing books Plasticine Coloured pencils Flash cards Clay

Plasticine/clay Pencils Crayons Drawing books Pieces of paper/flash cards newspaper cuttings Wall chart