Schemes of Work

Rooms in our house

•Guide the children in identifying and naming various rooms found in a house

•Drawings of a house showing different rooms •Models of house

Utensils used at home

•Children to draw/model utensils Colour drawings of utensils •Ask children to in to sing songs related to utensils Practice using real dammy utensils

•Drawing of utensils-•Pictures of utensils-•Paint-•Painting Drushes

Furniture found at home

•Provide pictures, drawings and real furniture used at home •Children to demonstrate using furniture found at home •Children to draw furniture used at home Children to model furniture used at home

•Drawings-•Paint-•Brushes-•Crayons-•Coloured pencils

Domestic animals

•Guide children in naming domestic animals as they appear in;- Picture Drawings •Children to draw paint and colour domestic animals

•Ask children to sing songs related tc domestic animals •Children to role play different domestic animals

•Paints-•Brushes-•Drawings-•Piotures-•Realia "



•Discuss work done Dy different people in the home and in the neighDourhood

•Children to sing songs, poems, stories and newstell aDout different chores done at home and in the environment

•Role play different chores done at home and in the neighDourhood

•Pictures •Photos •Audio visual

Tools used at

hnmp anrl in the

•Children to name tools used at home

•Tools used at home