Schemes of Work

NATIONAL GOALS OF EDUCATION 1.    Foster nationalism, patriotism and promote unity

Kenya’s people belong to different ethnic groups, races and religion, but these differences need not divide them. They must be able to live and interact as Kenyans it is a paramount duty of education to help young people acquire this sense of nationhood by removing conflicts and promoting positive attitudes of mutual respect, which enable them to live together in harmony, and foster patriotism in order to make a positive contribution to the life of them nation.

2.    Promote the social, economic, technological and industrial needs for national development

Education should prepare youth of the country to play an effective and productive role in the life of the nation.

a)    Social needs

Education in Kenya must prepare children for those changes in attitudes and relationships, which are necessary for the smooth process of a rapidly developing modern economy There is bound to be silent social revolution following in the wake of rapid modernization. Education should assist out youth to adapt to this change.

b)    Economic needs

Education in Kenya should produce citizens with skills, knoewledge, expertise and personal qualities that are required to support a growing economy Kenya is building up a modern and independent economy which is need of adequate domestic manpower.