Schemes of Work

c) Technological and industial needs

Education in Kenya should provide fhe learners with the necessary skills and attitudes for industrial development.

Kenya recognizes the rapid industial and and technological changes taking place especially in developed world. We can only be part of this development if our education system deliberately focuses on knowldge, skills and atitudes that will prepare the youth for these changing global trends.

3.    Promote individual development and self-fulfilment

Education should provide opportunities for the fullest development of individual talents and personality It should help every individual development is character building.

4.    Promote sound moral and religious values

Education should provide for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance acquisition of sound moral values and help children to grow up into self disciplined, self reliant and integrated citizens.

5.    Promote social equality and responsibility

Education should promote social equality and foster sense of social responsibility within an education system, which provides equal educational opportunities for all. It should give children varied and challenging opportunities for collective activities and corporate social service.

5. Promote respect for and development of Kenya’s rich and varied cultures

Education should msti' in :ne youth of Kenya an understanding of past and present cu'tures and their value place in contemporary society.

Children should be able to blend the best of traditional values with the changed requirements that must follow rapid development in

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