Schemes of Work


•Measuring sides of objects

•Surface of objects

•Comparing the heaviness of objects

•Daily routine

Filling and emptying

u) Demonstrate measuring the sides

of objects using body parts and other parts

v) Provide materials for the children

to measure and compare lengths w) Children to compare the size?'* of their fingers

x) Provide cut-outs of square shape

of the same size y) Ask children to put the squares on

a surface for example books or small tables

z) Ask them to count the number that

cover the whole surface

aa) Provide materials eg books,


tops, papers, magazines to’ cover surfaces with, then count bb) Children can fit puzzles cutout of

different shapes

cc) Provide materials for children to compare mass (heaviness, lightness)

dd) Assist children as they do the comparison

ee) Let children play blind folding

games of lifting objects and comparing the mass

ff) Encourage children to tell activities

they do during the day

gg) Children tell news of what



•Children’s body parts




•Assorted shapes cutouts •books



•Bottle tops


•News papers pages

•Manila papers

•Packets of different


•Weighing balances

Charts Pictures Toy clocks Real clock