Schemes of Work

•Experimenting with plants

•    Guide children to plant seeds in soil and observe what happens.

•    Guide them to plant potted plant and water them

• Guide them to put one potted plant in a closed box and observe what happens

•    Guide children to observe the plant grown in the box and the other one in the classroom.





• Involve children in emptying and


with water

filling different containers with




• Children should be assisted in

•Banana leaves

activities involving channelling


water and running water on titled



•Hollow stem

• Guide children to collect items


and put in a basin/container of

•Bottle tops

water to observe those that sink

•pieces of wood

and those that float.


• Provide soapy water and straws


for creating bubbles

•Maize cobs

4.0 Field Excursions

•Field visits

• Organize field visits for children in


the school compound, farms and


markets in the neighbourhood


and guide them on what to ob


serve during the field visits


(animals, fruits, plants,

insects .......... )