Schemes of Work

Experimenting witli plants

Experimenting with animals

Caring for animals and plants

Guide children to germinate seeds in containers with soil and those without soil (only water)

Children should observe seeds that will germinate and those that will not germinate

Children should give their own reasons why some seed germinated and others didn’t

Guide children in covering some seedlings and not others and let them observe the results after few days. Guide children to put some seedlings in a covered box. others in a box with an opening on the side and others in the classroom Guide them to explain their observation

Let them observe the leaves, flowers and pods

Children to colour pictures using leaves and flowers

Involve children in activities such as providing different types of food to different domestic animals so as to find out which foods can be eaten by which animals and which food can1 be eaten by which animals Assist children in closing some small animals in air tight containers while others are kept in open containers Let the children observe what happens after a few days and give their explanations

Children to observe chicks hatching from eggs

Children should observe the empty shells

Demonstrate to children how to care for plants and young animals. Let the children feed caged animals and apply

Sand soil Loam soil Clay soil Container Seeds Water

Black papers



Pieces of clothes Cloth line Trees Straws






Water Containers Wire mesh