Schemes of Work

Experimenting with water

‘Guide the children in the activities such as filling and emptying different containers, floating and sinking different oDjects and channeling water-“Children should identify oDjects which can float and those which can sink

•Water-•Containers-•Various assorted items for floating and sinking

'.weighing oDjects

lide children in weighing different on weighing Dalances determine heavier their hands "eterminewho is f'o-ivie ' /h-''-jcn see saws

•Weighing Dalances •Packets of soil •Sawdust -Papers *See saws “Stones

j “Other oDjects for lifting

; Experimenting with soil i

children to oDserve different types of

-usde children in testing which type of 'Hows water to pass through it *

•Soil of different types •Containers •Water 1 •Funnels

ikiren can aiso model with different

of soil and identify which type ;an holdtogelher

Uiiiidren can make various oiDjects j wet and dn/ soil then compare

ED EXCURSIA    jhildrsn out of nature walks in

ITORE WALKS    {] la scnooi compound and within the

r|S|gnDornood    APictures

"The nature walks should De well

j’.Arned and organized such that

, > an 00 o ■ for a specific interest

3'    the nature walks,

, ‘i - je free to make their

s of what interests

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