Schemes of Work

•Sorting and grouping specimens

•Use of sense organs

•Guide children to sort and group the collected items according to different attriDuted such s colour, shape, size and kind

•Guide children to use their sense of sight and smell to sort and group items have collected

•The teacher should De careful when the children are sorting and grouping using their sense of taste (the suDstances used should De harmless)

•Colour is a good attriDute when using the sense of sight •Different pitch of sounds can easily De sorted and grouped usi. ig the sense of hearing

•The sense of touch can De used to sort and group snr.ooth and rough oDjects

•The sense of smell can De used to sort and group flowers, soaps •Guide children to identify various food items and drinks through use of the senses of smell, sight, taste and touch

•Blind fold each child and let thAm

identify oDjects in their environment

through use of senses

•Guide them to squeeze fruit juices,

taste and identify each type

•Let them smell and taste while Dlind


•Assorted pictures and oDjects

•Pictures •Assorted colours •Flowers •Leaves

•Assorted oDjects which can produce different sound pitches •Assorted fruits in the local environment •Food suDstances •Children themselves •Pieces of clothes •Clean containers