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Errors In Multiplication And Division Video

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Mathematics Videos 

Place Value Of Numbers

Rounding Off Numbers


Divisibility Test



Integers And The Number Line

Operation Of Integers

Order Of Operations

Fractions - Introduction

Proper Improper And Mixed Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Fractions In Ascending and Descending Order

Addition Of Fractions

Multiplication Of Fractions

Division Of Fractions

Order Of Operations On Fractions

Word Problems Involving Fractions

Fractions And Decimals

Recurring Decimals

Decimal Places

Operations On Decimals And Problems Involving Decimals

Finding Squares By Multiplication

Squares From Tables

Square Root By Factorization

Square Roots Of Fractions

Square Roots Of Numbers Less Than 1 And Greater 100 From Tables

Algebraic Expressions

Terms Coefficients Variables And Constants

Simplification Of Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Fractions

Substitution and Evaluation




Change In a Given Ratio

Direct Proportion

Inverse Proportions


Percentage Change

Units Of Length And Conversion Of Units Of Length

Significant Figures


Units Of Area And Conversion Of Units Of Area

Area Of A Rectangle And A Square

Area Of A Triangle Parallelogram And Trapezium

Area Of A Circle

Surface Area Of Solids

Area Of Irregular Plane Shapes


Mass Density And Weight

Units Of Time

The 12 And 24 Hour Systems

Travel Timetables

Linear Equations In One Unknown

Simultaneous Linear Equations In Two Unknowns elimination Method

Simultaneous Linear Equations In Two Unknowns substitution Method


Currency Conversion and Exchange Rates

Profit and Loss

Discount and Commission

Co-ordinates and Graphs

Types Of Angles

Angles On a Straight Line Angles at a Point and Angles on a Transverse

Angle Properties Of Polygons


Other Polygons

Geometrical Constructions

Scale Diagrams

Bearings And Distances

Angles Of Elevation And Depression

Simple Surveying Techniques

Common Solids, Cubes Cuboids Pyramids Prisms Cones And Spheres

Nets Of Solids

Sketching Nets Of Solids

Surface Area Of Solids From Nets

Distance Between Two Points On The Surface Of A Solid

Cubes Of Numbers And By Multiplication

Cubes From Tables

Cube Roots

Introduction To Reciprocals

Reciprocals Of Numbers From Tables

Computation Using Reciprocals

Introduction To Indices And Laws Of Indices

Zero And Negative Indices

Fractional Indices

Logarithm Tables

Logarithms Of Numbers Less Than 1 Or Greater Than 10


Gradient Of Straight Line

Equation Of Straight Line

The Graph Of A Straight Line

Representation Of Data-pictogram Bar Graph

Representation Of Data- Line Graph

Representation Of Data-histogram Frequency Polygon

Statistical Measures

Mean Median Of Grouped Data

Arc, Chord And Segment

Angles Subtended By The Same Arc At The Circumference

Angle In Semicircle

Angle Properties Of A Cyclic Quadrilateral

Introduction To Vectors

Multiplication Of A Vector By A Scalar

Position Vectors

Magnitude Of A Vector

Midpoint Of A Vector

Distance-time Graph

Relative Speed

Intro Frequency Distribution Tables - Ungrouped Data

Frequency Distribution Tables (grouped Data)

Factorization Of Quadratic Expressions

Completion Of The Square

Solution Of Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square

Solution Of Quadratic Equations Using The Formula

Graphs Of Quadratic Functions

Graphical Solution Of Quadratic Equation

Graphical Solution Of Simultaneous Equations

Further Graphical Solutions

Computing Using Calculators

Estimations And Approximations

Accuracy And Errors Absolute Relative Percentage

Propagation Of Errors

Errors In Multiplication And Division

2nd Quadrant

3rd Quadrant

4th Quadrant

Trigonometric Ratios From The Unit Circle

Trigonometric Ratios Greater Than 360 Degrees And Negative Angles

Use Of Calculators

Radian Measure

The Sine Curve

The Cosine Curve

The Tangent Curve

The Sine Rule

The Cosine Rule

Rational And Irrational Numbers - Surds

Simplification Of Surds

Multiplication And Division Of Surds

Addition And Subtraction Of Surds

Further Logarithms

The Laws Of Logarithms

Logarithms Equations And Expressions

Change Of Base

Commercial Arithmetic (ii)

Compound Interest

Appreciation And Depreciation

Sequences And Series

The nth Term Of Geometric Sequence

Arithmetic Progression (A.P) - Series

Geometric Series Or Geometric Progression

Coordinates In Two And Three Dimensions

Column And Position Vectors In Three Dimensions

Unit Vectors In Three Dimensions

Parallel Vectors And Collinearity

Collinearity Example

Proportional Division Of A Line And Ratio Theorem

Vector Methods In Geometry

Binomial Expansion Up To Power Four

Pascal's Triangle

Coefficient Of Terms In Binomial Expansion

Evaluation Of Numerical Cases Using Binomial Expansion

Experimental Probability

Theoretical Probability

Continuous Sample Space

Combined Events Mutually Exclusive Events

Combined Events Independent Events

The Tree Diagram

Compound Proportions

Continued Proportions

Proportional Parts

Rates Of Work


Graphs Of Cubic Equations

Graphical Solutions Of Cubic Equations

Average Rate Of Change

Instantaneous Rate Of Change

Empirical Graphs

Reduction of Non Linear Laws To Linear Laws

Equation Of A Circle

Identification Of Transformation Matrix

Identification Of Transformation Matrix Example

The Unit Square

Examples On Using The Unit Square

Successive Transformations

Single Matrix Of Transformation For Successive Transformations

Inverse Of A Transformation

Area Scale Factor And Determinant Of A Matrix

Shear And Stretch

Matrices Representing Shear


Matrices Representing Stretch

Mean From Assumed Mean

Mean From Assumed Mean Example

Mean For Grouped Data Using Assumed Mean Method

Estimating The Median


Quartiles Example

Deciles And Percentiles

Cumulative Frequency Curve

Measures Of Dispersion

Mean Absolute Deviation


Variance Example

Variance Of Grouped Data

Standard Deviation

Comprehensive Example

Common Types Of Loci

Locus Of A Point At A Given Distance From A Given Line

Locus Of A Point Equidistant From Two Intersecting Lines

Locus Of A Point At A Given Distance From A Given Point

Constant Angle Loci

Intersecting Loci

In Circle

Escribed Circle

Loci Of Inequalities

Loci Involving Chords

Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric Identities 2

Proof Of Trigonometric Identities

Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions

Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions Example 1

Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions Example 2

Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions Example 3

Transformation Of Waves

Solving Trigonometric Equations

Solving Trigonometric Equations example 2

Solving Trigonometric Equations Graphically

Geometric Properties Of Common Solids

Angle Between A Line And A Plane

Angle Between Two Planes

Skew Lines

Latitude And Longitude Great And Small Circles

Latitudinal Difference Between Latitudes on Different Hemispheres


Longitudinal Difference

Longitudes And Time

Distance Between Places On The Earth Surface Example

Distance Between Places On The Earth Surface

Distances Along Latitudes

Speed In Knots And Kilometers Per Hour

Formation Of Linear Inequalities


Gradient Of A Curve At A Point

Gradient Of Y=x^n Where N Is A Positive Integer

Delta Notation

Derivative Of A Polynomial

Equations Of Tangents And Normals To The Curves

Equations Normals To The Curve examples

Stationery Points

Curve Sketching

Curve Sketching Example 2

Application Of Differentiation In Calculation Of Distance Velocity And Acceleration

Maxima And Minima

Area Approximation

Trapezoidal Rule

Applying Three Trapezoidal Rule In Estimating Area

Mid Ordinate Rule

Area By Trapeziodal Rule And Mid Ordinate Rule

Summary Of Differentiation

Integration Process

Examples Of Integration

Determining The Value Of The General Constant

Indefinite And Definite Integrals

Area Under A Curve By Integration

Area Under A Curve By Integration example 3

Area Under A Curve By Integration example 4

Application In Kinematics



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