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Gold Membership Registration

To Register, all you need is a valid email address and Ksh 1000. Send the 1000/- by M-pesa to Phone no: 0721806317

A registration pass code will then be sent to your mobile phone within2 minutes. The registration is renewable after one year.

Register immediately by entering the code received through your mobile phone in the white rectangular box below "as it is" for example; nsop.php ( ensure the dot is there and that you are using small but NOT Capital letters) and then click on the Register Me button.

Note: If you enter the code wrongly, you will be taken back to the homepage to start over again.

This box is for Gold Registration Only ! You can alternatively Register as a Gold Member and qualify to access all the KNEC KCSE and DISTRICT MOCK PAST PAPERS complete with MS, Schemes of Work, Illustrated Class Notes, Self-improvement and Internet Marketing e-books, 2011 Mock Booklets for all subjects, School Registration Codes among many others FREE.


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