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As a supplementary to coursework content our e-library for digitized multimedia CDs while enhance and ensure that you never missed that important concept during the normal class lessons. It is a Do it Yourself Project

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Sample Scheme of Work

New Set of Secondary Schemes

Agriculture Form I - IV.docx
Biology Form I - IV.doc
Business Education Form I - IV.docx
Chemistry Form I - IV.docx
Computer Form I - IV.docx
CRE Form I - IV.doc
English Form I - IV.doc
Geography Form I - IV.doc
History Form I - IV.doc
Home Science Form I - IV.doc
Kiswahili Form I - III.doc
Kiswahili Form IV.doc
Mathematics Form I - IV.docx
Music Form I - IV.doc
Physics Form I - IV.docx

Old Set of Secondary Schemes

Agric Schemes F1 Term 1.doc
Agric Schemes F1 Term 2.doc
Agric Schemes F2 Term 2.doc
Agric Schemes F2 Term 3.doc
Agric Schemes F3 Term 1.doc
Agric Schemes F3 Term 3.doc
Agric Schemes F4 Term 1.doc
Agriculture Form 1 TERM 3.doc
Agriculture Form 2 TERM 1.doc
Agriculture Form 3 TERM 2.doc
Agriculture Form 4 TERM 2.doc
Bio Schemes F1 Term 1-3.doc
Bio Schemes F2 Term 1-3.doc
Bio Schemes F3 Term 1-3.doc
Bio Schemes F4 Term 1-3.doc
Busi. Schemes F1.doc
Busi. Schemes F2.doc
Busi. Schemes F4.doc
Busi.Schemes F3.doc
Chem Schemes F1.doc
Chem Schemes F2.doc
Chem Schemes F3.doc
Chem Schemes F4.doc
Computer Schemes Form 1 term 1.doc
Computer Schemes Form 1 term 2.doc
Computer Schemes Form 1 term 3.doc
Computer Schemes Form 2 term 1.doc
Computer Schemes Form 2 term 2.doc
Computer Schemes Form 2 term 3.doc
Computer Schemes Form 3 term 1.doc
Computer Schemes Form 3 term 2.doc
Computer Schemes Form 3 term 3.doc
Computer Schemes Form 4 term 1.doc
Computer Schemes Form 4 term 2.doc
Computer Schemes Form 4 term 3.doc
CRE Schemes F1.doc
CRE Schemes F2.doc
CRE Schemes F3.doc
CRE Schemes F4.doc
English Schemes F1.doc
English Schemes F2.doc
English Schemes F3l.doc
English Schemes F4.doc
Geog Schemes F1 Term 1-3.doc
Geog Schemes F2 Term 1.doc
Geog Schemes F2 Term 2.doc
Geog Schemes F2 Term 3.doc
Geog Schemes F3 Term 1-3.doc
Geog Schemes F4 Term 1-3.doc
History Schemes F1.doc
History Schemes F2.doc
History Schemes F3.doc
History Schemes F4.doc
Kiswahili Schemes F1.doc
Kiswahili Schemes F2l.doc
Kiswahili Schemes F3.doc
Kiswahili Schemes F4.doc
Maths Schemes F1.doc
Maths Schemes F2.doc
Maths Schemes F3.doc
Maths Schemes F4.doc
physics SCHEMES Form1.doc
physics SCHEMES Form2.doc
physics SCHEMES Form3.doc
physics SCHEMES Form4.doc
Hsc Schemes F1 Term 1.doc
Hsc Schemes F2 Term 1.doc
Hsc Schemes F2 Term 2.doc
Hsc Schemes F2 Term 3.doc
Hsc Schemes F3 Term 1-2.doc
Hsc Schemes F4 Term 1.doc
Hsc Schemes F4 Term 2.doc
HSC.Schemes FORM 1 term 1-3.doc
HSC.Schemes FORM 2 term 1-3.doc
HSC.Schemes FORM 3 cont.doc
HSC.Schemes FORM 3.doc
HSC.Schemes FORM 4 term 1-3.doc


CRE Schemes 8.doc
CRE schemes class 2.doc
CRE Schemes class 4.doc
CRE schemes class 6.doc
NPPE schemes Class 1.doc
NPPE schemes Class 3.doc
NPPE schemes Class 5.doc
NPPE schemes Class 7.doc
Sanifu Schemes 1.doc
Sanifu Schemes 5.doc
Sanifu Schemes 7.doc
Sanifu Schemes class 3.doc
SCIA Schemes 7.doc
science in action bks 1.doc
science in action bks 5.doc
science Scheme class 3.doc
science Schemes class 3.doc
Social Schemes class 3.doc
Social studies book bk 1.doc
Social studies book bks 1.doc
Social studies book bks 5.doc
SST Schemes 7.doc

VOLUMES - Consolidated schemes

Primary - Volume 1.doc
Primary - Volume 2.doc
Primary - Volume 3.doc
Primary - Volume 4.doc
ECDE ( Nursery )

What it takes


The Photosynthetic Process

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